Monday, April 30, 2007

Jake Ryan or Cherry Ride.

On Sunday nights LP hangs out with Cherry and the Aussie and watches bad TV on VH1. I'm really not into it, so I get to stay home and watch Sunday Night Baseball by myself. Well last night's game was cancelled due the death of one of the Cardinals' pitchers. Very sad. So I watched movies. While I was sitting on the couch watching a double feature of "Fever Pitch" and "Sixteen Candles" I was thinking about all of these subjects I could write about this week. Tons of things... my brain was going a million miles an hour yet I did not write any of them down. It was hard to pull my eyes away from two great movies that I have seen a trillion times.

On my walk to work this morning (without my iPod since it died) I was trying to figure out what topic I would be writing about today. Most of my ideas from last night were coming back to me... my brain is still working. This all led to me think about why I write this blog... I am sure I was talking to myself. I know the reasons why I write, but the reason I started a blog was because of Cherry Ride. He was My Nacho back then. Cherry's blog was the first blog I really got into. And it was Cherry who encouraged me to write more. And it was also Cherry who got us Liar's Clubbers together. There would be no 5 of 9er without Cherry (for good or bad).

Well, I just want to say I have missed the Cherry Ride these past few weeks. I understand people need to take a break from things in their lives. We all take breaks from our blogs since it helps us not burn out, or get fired from our jobs. But tomorrow is a new month and I hope this means a new entry from Cherry. I miss his blogs... they seem to make life a little bit better. Thanks Cherry getting me to start writing, I hope you start up again too.

Side note: Hope everyone noticed my new profile photo. The last one showed too much of my sensitive side. This one is more me.