Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Clamhusker?

High School was a fine time for me. I had fun, and I was somewhat popular - but I left high school at high school. I could care less about the "good old days." I'd rather think that better days are always ahead... and that friends fade away for a reason.

Then yesterday my brother sent me an email about our high school alma mater (Cupertino High) and it got us both talking. The press release is below:

Interim Principal Harry Bettencourt has expressed concern about the dated concept of "Pioneer" as the Cupertino High School mascot. He believes that identification with the pioneer era causes the community to think and feel that Cupertino High School is a backward focusing school rather than being innovative and forward-thinking. Therefore, he is proposing to change the mascot from "Pioneer" to a more contemporary and exciting choice.
He has approved two possible mascots: The Clamhusker OR The Prairie Dogs.
The decision will be made by April 6, 2007 so that there is sufficient time to order new uniforms and other items that currently bear identification of "Pioneer".
Please feel free to provide input directly, in person, to Mr. Bettencourt
or to one of the Assistant Principals.

Mr. Harry Bettencourt... are you an idiot? Have you not looked up the definition of a Pioneer? How the hell is a Pioneer not forward thinking, yet a prairie dog or a clamhusker are? Hello? How is a prairie dog or clamhusker "exciting" or "contemporary?"

Pioneer: A person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others. One who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress: pioneers in cancer research.
Prairie Dog: A little furry rodent that eagles kill. A term used by children when they need to go to the bathroom ("Dad, stop the car, I'm prairie dogging!").
Clamhusker: A fish smelling loner. Something made up by a principle from the east coast who only cares about his Red Sox and clam chow-dare.

Again, Mr. Harry Bettencourt... you are an idiot. Please do not change the mascot of my old high school. Mr. Harry Bettencourt please reconsider. Mr. Harry Bettencourt you should spend your time doing more creative things, rather than changing the mascot at Cupertino High... and buying new uniforms.