Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So What, We Lost.

Opening day was fantastic... except for the ass kicking Cleveland gave the White Sox. It was really just the horrific outing Jose Contreras had, the rest of the Sox looked pretty good. But a 12-5 loss is never a good thing, especially when the team's ace is the one to get clobbered.
But did this spoil the day? No way. Opening day is much more than just winning... although winning makes the day so much better. The hot dog was fantastic. The peanuts were inhaled. LP and I got our faces on the jumbo tron! And it was good to see the people we sit around... all the same from last year. They are our summer family. Plus there are 161 more games and no team has ever lost all 162 - so a win is just around the corner. Plus, the Cubs lost their game too.
Go Sox!