Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Years.

Two years and 385 posts have passed since I started this blog. The past few months I have been thinking of dumping the blog. I feel like it is more of an obligation and not a love. Every morning when I walk to work I think about if I should post or skip the day. Every afternoon walking home I think about things I should write about. I constantly think I should be entertaining my readers... getting my readership up. I find myself starting to write (type) out postings because that is what I think people want and not getting to the core of what is me... my thoughts.

Why do I do this blog? Does a blog have to be your love, or can it just be something you do with your free time? Why should I keep doing this blog?

I have to always remind myself that I started this blog to get myself to write. My daily job deals with very little writing. When I get home the last thing I am going to do is sit down and write something for the sake of writing... not something I have ever done before blogging. Not that my posts are grammatically correct - most probably make an editor cringe. But this activity gets my brain working in a way that it has not for a while.

I wish I was a blogger that could post once a week or month, but something inside me thinks that is a kind of half-ass way of doing things. There are no rules, no guidelines, to blogging - but for my blog I have some things set in my mind. Right or wrong these rules have formed and have kind of stuck. One blogger told me once that my blog is "Nice" and I would never push the limits. That person was right. Why should I type something here that I would not say to some one's face?

Thanks for reading, I've enjoyed your comments and your writings these past two years. I hope to enjoy them for another few... and maybe my internal rules will lax a little and I'll take some time off.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Old Show, New Show.

Old Show:
Remember Remote Control on MTV? I am sure some of you are too young to remember it, but for those of you that do... you cannot deny it was a fantastic show. Why has no one brought it back? Sure that was the start of MTV not airing videos - but let's put that blame on The Real World series, since Remote Control was so totally awesome. When I was living in NYC I met one of the first contestants on the show. She actually made it to the bed (the finale), but lost. At least she did not have to do the spinning wheel that replaced the bed in the later years of the show. That night I truly thought she was the coolest people I'd ever met... then later I was informed she was crazy and often stalked people. I left the party out the back.

For those of you that have never seen MTV's Remote Control... I highly recommend looking up a few episodes to watch. BTW, this is the first post I've ever done with an embedded video clip.

New Show:
This past weekend I was suckered into watching Lifetimes' Your Mama Don't Dance. Wow. This show might be the best (worst?) hour on television right now. The premise is a dance contest for professional dancers... but they are surprised to find out they are paired up with their parent. It is a laugh riot. Really. I did not find any really good clips to post, but if you go to Lifetime's website you'll find enough to keep you speechless for hours.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baseball Time.

This morning I woke up at 5am to wander over to the couch, turn on the television, and watch the first game of the new baseball season. Opening Day is in Tokyo (yes, Japan) this year featuring the Red Sox and the A's. There is so much to bitch and complain about this game (this game should not count, all the media talks about is the Red Sox, etc.)... but when it comes down to it - baseball season is here!

In Chicago the forecast for Thursday and Friday is snow and ice. Poop.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Five Cities I Don't Want to Move to.

Good Morning America did a segment last week, or the week before that, on the top five cities in America to find a job. Since I am one who is looking for a better job this caught my attention. The list was:

1. Salt Lake City, UT
2. Wichita, KS
3. Austin, TX
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Fort Worth, TX

I know I am struggling to find a new job, but I do not think these five cities hold my answer. It's not like I am not finding jobs to apply for, I am - I'm just trying to change industries since the music business is tanking (thanks iTunes) and I have no one to help me get my foot into a new door (design, advertising, marketing) that would be a close fit to my project management background.

Austin, Atlanta, and Fort Worth are too hot. There is no way I could make it through their July-September months. I know... they have A/C everywhere you go, but I am too much of an outdoor person in the summer and I could not deal with that kind of heat. Plus, I sweat like a pig (do pigs sweat?). I'd be so gross most of the year. Not a good thing. Aside from that (the heat thing)... Austin is OK, I enjoy myself each time I've been there, but I am not sure I want to live in a college town, and I don't care for Texas barbecue. Fort Worth blows. I've never been to Hotlanta, but I am sure they have excellent food.

As for Wichita... I've never been there (or to Kansas) but it cannot be a good place. I mean they found a lady there who had been sitting on her boyfriend's toilet for two years. Two years! If you don't believe me, then read CNN.

And SLC... I'm sorry I just cannot do it. It's a lovely city to look at, but they have just too much winter for me. And the Salt Lake is not my idea of fun.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

F*#!in' Snow.

Chicago received a snow storm yesterday that dumped about nine inches of powder/slush outside my window.  Now if the date was November 1st I would be super excited.  But it is Spring.  Spring people!  I hate Spring snow!  And you should I know how much I love the snow... but only November through February.  That's it.  

Nothing like making snow angels on Easter.  Grrrrr.  

Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Carrie, Not Here.

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw was in Chicago for a few days... and boy, my liver hurts. We actually had a blast, and it was perfect timing since I could take a day off work, and Cherry was on Spring Break. But often when people come to town, some times Cherry and I (mostly Cherry) take on the role of camp fun-director and make sure our visitor has a down right hoot of a time. Things I did with Not Carrie (no I was not part of the 4am outing on Sunday night)...

1. Went to Hot Doug's to get Chicago's best hot dog.
2. Went to the Art Institute to see a super boring Winslow Homer exhibit (so many painting of boats), and a pretty alright Edward Hopper exhibit.
3. Watched "What About Bob?" late one night for no apparent reason. And laughed.
4. Drank... Village Tap, Danny's (with the Liars), the Riverview.
5. Had Chili Mac at Harmony Grill. And burgers at the Riverview with K.i.D.
6. Went to breakfast at the Over Easy Cafe. My current favorite breakfast in Chicago. Yum!

So really... Lots of eating. Lots of drinking. But lots of walking and tons of fun.

Cherry & Not Carrie... happy because their tummies are filled with Hot Doug's.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well my Portland State basketball team lost to Kansas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  They lost by less than 25 points, and I told everyone I knew that I would be happy if they could keep a loss under a 25 point margin.  Kansas is on a different level than PSU and there was no chance the Vikings would pull out upset.  Seriously, Kansas should of beat them by at least 50 points.

So when I got home from work today and walked over to the school at end of my block and shot hoops for a few minutes.  I remembered how much I love playing the game of basketball.  I recalled the countless hours spent on the driveway of the house I grew up in shooting hoops by myself and pretending I was playing in some big important game and landing the final game winning shot.  I struggle to watch basketball on TV, or read about it in the paper - but I love going outside and throwing the ball around.  Too bad we are getting 3-9 inches of snow tomorrow, because I'd love to go shoot hoops tomorrow as well.

Maybe next year PSU will get there again.  I'm proud of them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have always complained about reunion shows... I see little point in them. The bands usually sound terrible live (although the people who paid way too much for tickets will not admit the show was a let down). And following an over hyped / over priced tour usually comes a terrible let down reunion album. So many examples, do I need to point them out?

I noticed on Monday night in Time Out that Yaz (Yazoo for the rest of the world) was performing at the Chicago Theater in August. Really? I was excited. Way excited. They have not played together in 25 years... and since it's all synth-pop the music would probably sound great. Now how will Alyson Moyet sound? I think it's worth finding out. Yaz's two albums are two of my favorites.

I went over to the computer to look up tickets. $55 + service fees would get me one ticket in nose bleeds. I opted to skip it.  Oh well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last night LP and I sat on the couch and watched the first episode of Quartlife we had recorded. Bravo ran a "Marathon" a couple weekends ago and I was curious about the show. Calling six episodes back to back is pushing the definition of marathan, don't you think? A full weekend of Law & Order, Sanford & Son or The Fresh Prince - now that's a marathon!

I know this show started on the internet (thank you Al Gore), but I never paid any attention to it. I don't Facebook or MySpace, so why would I be watching some homemade internet show about twenty-somethings? From what I recall Quarterlife aired on NBC once, maybe twice, during the writers' strike and then a week later Bravo was having this six episode marathon. So I take it this show got the axe... right? I am sure I could search on the www to find my answer, but I have better things to do with my time (like look for a new job).

One episode down, and highly unlikely to view the next five. What a terrible show. The main character needs a good ass kicking. She does a blog (mostly video posts) where she tells/shows the world all of her roommates secrets (saying one roommate is an alcoholic and showing video of her so everyone in her acting class thinks she a boozer) and goes off with her own opinions on her friends lives. Sure, all bloggers write about what we think of others - but this girl posts video of them and humiliates them in a public forum. There is no attempt to keep anyone anonymous. And then at the end of the show they all seem to forgive her, and even thank her. Hello? Really? I'm not buying it.

Does any like this show? Guess not.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink Martini.

LP and I went to the Chicago Theater last night to see the ever entertaining Pink Martini.  They were amazing... like they always are.  The family sitting next to us had two kids with them, and before the show their teenage son asked what kind of music they were seeing.  The mom replied that she was really not sure, but she thought it was show tunes.  What?  A family pays $65 a pop to go see a band they do not know.  Strange.  The teenage son was sitting next to LP... and according to her he smelled like grapefruit and cat pee.  Now that's an odd combo.  

Half way through the set, the vocalist China tells a cute little story about how an agent at United Airlines (while Thomas was playing the little ditty from those awful animated United commercials) helped her with some travel plans and got her a free upgrade... so she invited him and his family to the show.  Yep, they were sitting next to us.  So it made total sense why they did not know what Pink Martini sounded like.  But why did their son smell like grapefruit and cat pee?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Missing Austin, TX.

This is the first year in many that I have not gone to Austin for SXSW. Each March my employer sends me to hang out with the music community, grab some drinks with clients, see some bands, and make some new contacts. It's a blast. Especially during since SXSW falls in the month of March when the winter in Chicago is dragging on and summer seems so far away. Going to Austin and getting a few days of sun in 80 degree temperatures is a very reviving trip.

The last couple years it has seemed more like just repeating the same thing over and over. I tend to see the same people in the same spots. Everyone wants to go to the same places to eat. I look at the same art. I see the same bands (or new ones that look / sound like the old ones). So this year I figured a year off would be good for me, and save the company a few bucks. So we decided to send a new employee who has never been to SXSW... and he is one happy camper.

SXSW is currently going on and I'll admit that I miss it a little. It would love to put on some shorts and see some of those same people in the same spots, mostly because some of those people I only see once a year. So to help turn my frown upside-down I decided to buy passes for this year's Pitchfork Festival. I know it's not until July, but I get warm inside just thinking about it. Plus I've never gone.... I've been anti-festival the last few years for some reason. Cherry will be there. Hopefully my brother from SF will fly out. And Spiritualized will be playing... so what else do you need?

...well, I still wish I could put on shorts today.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Big Dance.

Last week I was complaining to someone (not sure who it was... I guess it was someone who was listening) about how I could never get into watching basketball. This time every year I get jealous of all the people who have a team in the NCAA tournament. Everyone (OK, maybe not everyone) seems to get so fired up about the brackets and what teams are going to make it, and who is going to choke. My college did not have a men's basketball team for many years. I believe they started it up again when I was attending, but I never went to a game. They played home games in the gym. I've tried to get behind Stanford when they are in the tournament since I was born at Standford Hospital and grew up following their sports program, but I never attended the school... so I feel sort of like an impostor.

Well all has changed. Last night Portland State made the NCAA Tournament for the first time. For once, I will truly (no pretending) have March Madness!!! I am going to wear my PSU t-shirt and sweatshirt and watch the game on TV (hopefully it's on). I know it is very realistic that they will get bumped out in the first round but I don't care. PSU has allowed me this one March Madness party and I am going to enjoy it. I've actually enjoyed just seeing PSU on ESPN News... that was amazing enough.

Go Vikings!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gym Update.

For all you non-believers (me being the biggest one)... I have been to the gym twice this week! And I am going to try and make it two more times before the week is up (this does include Saturday). I have realized one thing: I am totally out of shape. I walk to work every day, but I guess I am not really getting a work out. The winters really kill me since there are no bike rides or trips on the skateboard... or any outdoor activity except freezing, snow angels, and a few ice skating outings.

The Niner has to work at getting back in shape.

Yankee Cheater.

Hey Shelley Duncan... you are going to get yours this season. So you are on the Yankees, does that give you the right to play dirty and put your spikes into someone's midsection? Dirty tricks are not what the Yankees are about. I am not a fan of the Yankees... in fact the way they spend money makes me sick. But cheaters they are not (well except for Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Jason Giambi). You played 34 games last year with the Yankees and hit .257. Wow, move over A-Rod.

I am sure many MLB players and going to pay you back.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know most bloggers hate reading dream posts... I sort of do too. But this post is not about my strange or crazy dreams, it's about my lack of strange or crazy dreams. Lately my dreams have been extremely boring. I shouldn't even use the would extremely because there is nothing extreme about them one bit. Dreams lately have involved:

1. Driving to the grocery store.
2. Walking to the grocery store.
3. Filing things at work.
4. Mailing bills.
5. Folding laundry.

Sad, I know. I'm I that boring that even when I sleep my mind is bored too? Or is it my life is so exciting that my mind is tired at night (probably not)? Or maybe it's the lack of warm weather. Maybe I need to take some NyQuil of something to help improve my dreams. Do they make drugs for that?

Monday, March 10, 2008


When are you considered grown-up?

I know there is a point of view from many who want to be a kid their entire lives and feel young (blah blah blah). At some point you must grow up. This does not mean you need give up the fun in your life, but maybe it does mean you become more responsible. Less drinking and partying. Less reckless spending. Less talking smack about others. Less going from friend to friend, or fling to fling. Maybe more saving. Or do you? Can you be grown up and still live the life of a college age kid?

Is grown up an age. 21? 30? 40? Is grown up when you get married? When you have a child? I am sure most would say being grown up is different for each person. Fine. I'll buy that argument. But how do you know when you're grown up... or when it's time to start acting grown up? Is it when some teenage kid calls you mister?

I feel like I'll never be grown up... and lately I think it's time to start working on it. But my ideas are so warped when it comes to being grown up. I am quite sure I need to make a lot more money. I am quite sure I should have a job that I am required to wear nicer clothes. I am quite sure I should know a few more people my age, and probably married couples since LP and I have very few married friends in Chicago (because married couples get together on double dates and talk about the dreaded singles... right?).

I wish there was a book for this.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Christian Is Fierce.

I cannot stand cocky little shits. But when it comes to Project Runway's Christian Siriano - I was pulling for him the entire season. When it came down to it, he has the talent to back up anything he says. Plus, the fashion industry needs his personality... yes, there is plenty of room for Christian and his double snaps. Jillian will get eaten alive with her lack of personality (is she on ludes?). Rami came across as the little rich kid who got everything he ever wanted so I was relieved he did not get this win.

Good for Christian... he is fierce! And good for Project Runway - another fantastic season of good television.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I've had change on my mind so much lately. Mostly because I am wanting to change jobs. And it is the hip word in the presidential race. I've always been one for change. I like the challenge... most of the time. Moving to a new town or house. Changing jobs. Wearing new pants. Meeting new people. Listening to new music. Change.

I've been so itching for change lately, but I'm not sure if a new job is the only change I am yearning for. Maybe it is, but possibly not. LP and I really adore Chicago, so I don't think I am wanting a change of location (although London always sounds fun). We love our little house and backyard that is still covered snow.

It might be Spring. This winter has been over the top, and I (yes, me... Mister I Love Snow) have been needing warmth and sun. I'll keep you posted when the season turns and seeing if my need for change is still going.

Monday, March 03, 2008


So where was I last week? I was here, but so was my boss. So that means no blogging. And since we went out every night and morning he was here... that means no blogging during free time.

My boss is based in our Portland office and I only see him a few times a year. Our working relationship got so much better when I moved. It truly did. He has a very short attention span at the office - so even though we sat near each other in the Portland office it was better to email him than to talk to him. He gets absorbed with email. So now being in Chicago he calls me every morning on his drive to work, which ends up being the perfect solution... no email distration while driving.

Now that I have expressed my desire to find a new job... things have even got better. My boss totally understands that the company cannot offer me anything more than I get right now. I will never grow. I will never be challenged any more than I am. Eight years is a good amount of service to one job. And I am thrilled I can talk to my boss about moving on.