Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Years.

Two years and 385 posts have passed since I started this blog. The past few months I have been thinking of dumping the blog. I feel like it is more of an obligation and not a love. Every morning when I walk to work I think about if I should post or skip the day. Every afternoon walking home I think about things I should write about. I constantly think I should be entertaining my readers... getting my readership up. I find myself starting to write (type) out postings because that is what I think people want and not getting to the core of what is me... my thoughts.

Why do I do this blog? Does a blog have to be your love, or can it just be something you do with your free time? Why should I keep doing this blog?

I have to always remind myself that I started this blog to get myself to write. My daily job deals with very little writing. When I get home the last thing I am going to do is sit down and write something for the sake of writing... not something I have ever done before blogging. Not that my posts are grammatically correct - most probably make an editor cringe. But this activity gets my brain working in a way that it has not for a while.

I wish I was a blogger that could post once a week or month, but something inside me thinks that is a kind of half-ass way of doing things. There are no rules, no guidelines, to blogging - but for my blog I have some things set in my mind. Right or wrong these rules have formed and have kind of stuck. One blogger told me once that my blog is "Nice" and I would never push the limits. That person was right. Why should I type something here that I would not say to some one's face?

Thanks for reading, I've enjoyed your comments and your writings these past two years. I hope to enjoy them for another few... and maybe my internal rules will lax a little and I'll take some time off.