Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three weeks.

Today mark three weeks since Miles was born. I have never felt comfortable with babies, so there was lot to learn to get my confidence up. Sure LP and I took classes before Miles popped out, but it is so much different when you have a crying baby in your arms.

Today I am sharing a list of things I have learned in the past three weeks:

1. Changing diapers is not so bad, actually I've gotten pretty good at it.
2. Sleep... I think I remember what sleep was. I know LP does not remember what sleep was.
3. Having a baby means you run lots of errands. Lots of errands. Thankfully gas prices have gone down.
4. Most people we see in public make some kind of comment like "Oh, how cute" when they see Miles... so I assume they must do this for all babies. It gives you a good feeling as a parent.
5. Miles gets the hiccups quite often.
6. Our cats like Miles, until this morning when Miles accidentally hit Georgia in the face.
7. It still has not hit me that I'm a dad... not sure if I am supposed to magically feel some difference.
8. The worst feeling I think I have ever experienced is when Miles is crying nonstop and I cannot seem to make him happy.
9. Riding in the car calms baby down. Even better, put on some Ghostface Killah or GZA and he'll be sleeping in minutes.
10. It's all totally worth it.