Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Slutted Halloween?

When did Halloween become slutty? Has it always been slutty and I just never noticed? It just seems the past few years I have noticed that so many women /girls dress as "slutty______" for Halloween. It's not just a cowgirl... it's a slutty cowgirl. A cop is not good enough, it needs to be a slutty cop. Judge Sandra Day O'Connor is not a crowd pleasing costume, it has to be slutty Judge Sandra Day O'Connor.

Cute is one thing, slutty is another. Maybe instead of being slutty high rise window washer... someone could just be a slut. Hooker? Lady of the night? Pole dancer? Then the sluttiness fits the costume. And maybe the next morning they will realize they like dudes groping them so much they'll change their careers... maybe a hooker, lady of the night, or pole dancer?

Happy Halloween Campers!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tagged And Answered.

I got tagged by Tabbie to do this survey... so I will. I'm nice like that.

There are rules: I cannot repeat anything the other survey taker(s) said [since I only read Tabbie's list I have no clue what other survey-takers have answered, but I really doubt anyone them would have the same answers are me, that would be too strange, yes I'm rambling...] and I have to list "5 things that I do, did or like that I’m proud of, but that others may think are totally lame. Plus, I get to tag 5 people to do the same.

1. I like to roll up my jeans. This is a very recent thing. I do it when on my bike so my chain won't get my jeans / pants dirty. But then I keep them rolled up. It makes me feels like I am on some island or beach (yeah, that makes sense). LP and my T1 friend SV think it just makes me look like a 'tard. There are many things I wear that I like that make me look like a 'tard. I just have 'tard tendencies. I like being special.

2. I don't have any tattoos... and I took out the piercings years ago. Maybe the new "cool" one day will be to be tattoo and piercing free.

3. My belly button collects so much lint on a daily basis. It's quite fascinating. I could quilt something. Really. It's a very strange phenomenon... this lint collecting. Not sure how or why it happens, but not a single day goes by without a ball of lint in my belly button. Wonder what would happen if I had an outie?

4. I tend to match the music I listen to with the clothes I am wearing. Really. It's sad. In the winter I listen to a lot of hip-hop because I have this awesome puffy coat. It makes me feel so hip-hoppy cool 'n shit, but really I just look like a major dork. I also have this awesome parka that I wear in the winter... it would be perfect for scooter riding along with some Who and The Specials, but alas I have no scooter. Lately it's been more Brit-Pop now that it's sweater time, and I've been watching a lot of Jamie Oliver. Sad indeed.

5. I go to church. Yep... I know lots of you think it's lame. I don't. So there.

I choose to tag no one.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Jamie Oliver gets me off my ass and gets me cooking. I love to cook, and I love a good challenge in the kitchen... unless I get super frustrated and realize I missed a very important ingredient way too late. That's why I am not so good at baking... there is little improvising in baking. But every now and then I get lazy and I'll stop cooking. I'll stop looking at the cookbooks. I'll stop reading about new approaches to preparing food. I'll cease using my brain to put some life into the standards. But for some reason Jamie Oliver does the trick to get me off my lazy glutes and get my brain thinking about cooking.

A few weeks ago BBC America started showing the old Naked Chef episodes from '99. There is something about his attitude and way of thinking about flavors that gets me excited to try new dishes. Plus the guy is way cool... he gets to hang out with Jamiroquai and ride a scooter everywhere. I want a scooter. All I have is a bike. Jamie Oliver does something to spark my imagination where I can run to the store (not on my scooter, since I am sans scooter) pick up a few things and put together a simple dinner that is more than enjoyable.

It really would taste a whole lot better if I had a scooter.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Movies.

Yesterday on the way home I stopped at the big corporate chain video rental store to pick up some movies for the weekend. I wanted to rent some movies for a Halloween get together this weekend. Since I am not a big scary /horror movie fan (I'm a scardy-cat) I planned to get some movies that were not too scary (Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow), or just slasher movies that are more funny than scary (Ronny Yu's Freddy vs. Jason). Everything was rented. Everything, even Hocus Pocus, Casper, and Practical Magic. You name it, it was rented. And since not every Halloween-ish movie is in the horror section (some are in drama, some are in action /adventure) I had to start trying to remember good movies to look for. They were all out... except for these that I rented:

The Lost Boys [This 1987 is a classic! In my book, the best Vampire movie of all time. And as an added bonus it has both Coreys in it.]
Leprechaun [1993's terrible low budget classic that captures Jennifer Aniston's film debut. She must be proud.]
Addams Family Values [Yes, even the original Addams Family movie was rented.]
Jesus Camp [I've been trying to rent this documentary forever but it is always out. I've heard such great things about it. This just might be the scariest out of the bunch.]

Now don't even think about telling me that I would not have these "all rented" problems if I did something like Netflix. As you already know, I watch way too much television. I do not need movies coming in the mail all the time... another reason to sit on my ass. I rarely rent movies, and I like it that way. So what are some of your favorite Halloween movies?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

4 Years.

For all you singles looking for love... there is hope. I found someone that can put up with me - every day! It's been a fantastic four years LP. Hope there are a trillion more. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Poon Is Coming.

I saw this sign today and thought of Cherry Ride... so I figured I'd post it and tell Cherry to get off his lazy ass and post something. Good old Paul Poon. Cherry, if it wasn't for you - none of us who have "Paul Poon" in our vocabulary. It's Poon-Nasty.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Selling Books.

I often sell CDs and DVDs. I have written about my massive purging of thousands of CDs. Even after that I continue to to sell and buy. I usually take a big bag and get around $200 in cash, or more in trade. I tend to buy titles that most little independent stores want to buy back (no Keith Urban in my collection). It's a good deal - better than throwing them away.

I used to sell / buy books in Portland (Powell's) and NYC (the Strand) and always did pretty well. I use to help out some friends of friends in publishing that needed favors and they thanked me by sending me boxes of books. Most of these books I'd never read so I just went and sold them - I always took the trade at bookstores. A bag of books would get me more than $90 in trade which is not bad... used books can be as little as $3-5. Sell some, buy some. The best part is they usually took most, in not all, of what I brought to sell.

Last weekend I went to sell books in Chicago for the first time. I went to the Powell's on the Northside since it is close to my house, and it's Powell's... I love the Powell's in Portland. What I quickly learned is... Powell's in Chicago blows ass. I took two canvas bags full of really hip / cool fiction and cook books and they took maybe six of them and gave me $10. $10! They offered $17 in trade so I had to go with the trade which I spent on some Jane Austen books for LP. The trip was not even worth the gas I used. Grrrrr. Wish I could ship my books to Powell's in Portland and have a friend sell them (I have friends who work there)... but after paying for shipping it is kind of pointless.

I guess I should stop buying and just go get my books and the library. I am thinking about donating the books I do not want to the library... maybe someone there will want them.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I give money to charities. I just do not give it in some big public flashy way. You might say, well what are you doing now - and I will rebut with: you do not know to who (or is it whom?), how much, or how. Also, I need some kind of introductory line for this post so just deal with it. There are two charities that really bug me.

The guy that stands outside the Jewel on Southport (near Addison) and sells copies of Street Wise newspaper. Every major city has one of these homeless newspapers, and I tend to buy one every so often. Portland's was called Street Roots. Have you ever read one? They are pretty awful. Sorry, but they are. I understand they are doing some good (maybe) - but they are a terrible read. The guy that hawks Street Wise copies at Jewel dresses better than me. He has a matching ensemble every day. I'm not talking about a suit, I'm talking Nike Air Force Ones with a matching track suit. He has Jordan's in almost every color. His wardrobe makes me look like the homeless one. So why should I buy from him? I tend to buy a copy every now and then from the guy the the Graceland Post Office that kind of smells homeless. Plus he gives out free pens.

The young kids that always want "five minutes for Greenpeace" only get about a millisecond from me: "No." I can't help but think of the footage from ten years ago of the big tanker that emptied it's sewage on the little Greenpeace boat. Classic move! Sorry Greenpeace, I like the cause just not how you go about it, or the little rich suburban kids that think they are hippies.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Beautiful Day, Crappy Photo.

Today LP, K.i.D. and I went to Lake Michigan to just sit down, gossip, and enjoy the picture perfect day. Too bad my camera phone didn't take such a good photo... but is was a picture perfect day.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Television Addict.

I need help. I am spiraling out of control. I am publicly admitting (and that is always the first step) that I am a television junky. I am not sure how it happened. I was always into a couple shows, but never would I allow them to dictate my life. I know things changed when I added a dvr to the home - but where I am now is alarming. Here are the list of 17 shows I record and watch:

The Office
Men In Trees
How I Met Your Mother
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
Dirty Sexy Money
The Big Bang Theory
Private Practice
Pushing Daisies
Journey Man
Samantha Who?
Kid Nation
Women's Murder Club
America's Top Model
Baseball Tonight

So looking at the list you should first notice that I'm a chick. What can I say... I like the chick-flicks. I have yet to watch Pushing Daisies or Dirty Sexy Money, but since they are recorded I'll get to them... maybe even this weekend. But maybe I'd be better off not watching them and getting sucked in. The Office kind of blows this season as an hour show... it is better in 30 minute installments. I could axe Kid Nation because I have not talked to one person who has seen it... but it is soooo good. Same for Journey Man. I am just hoping some of these get pulled by their networks so I don't have to do it myself. See instead of cool hip cocktail parties I am sitting on the couch watching the mind-control box. If I had to narrow it down to five hours of television it would have to be:

How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Men In Trees
Gossip Girl
Ugly Betty

But I'd be missing so many good shows! Help!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Conversations On The El.

I hate talking on the El... unless it is one of those rare times when you get on an everyone seems to be having a conversation. When everyone (or a majority) is talking it's a little too noisy to ease-drop on one conversation. When no one is talking, I just do not feel right about having a conversation for everyone to listen in on. Everyone is listening, and just waiting to hear something that is so random or backwards that they can write about it on their blog. Uh, like me.

This would not be such an issue, until I am with a group on the train and they notice that I am not being my usual opinionated vocal self so they automatically think there is something wrong (angry, upset, etc.). I will usually just say I am not a big fan of talking on the El (or the bus), but that often does not seem often suffice. Then I'm stuck with the decision to start talking or wait until our stop. I usually wait.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NYC Memories.

Yesterday after work I took the El downtown and sat on a bench in the little park at the Water Tower (Chicago & Michigan). I while I waited for LP to meet me I read my book and people watched. It reminded me of the evenings in NYC when I had an hour or so between the end of work and having to go to a drink / dinner / show with a client or co-workers. I use to sit in Tomkins Square Park and do lots of people watching. TSP is the first place I ever saw lightning bugs... I always thought they were made up (like unicorns, and seahorses - yes I still do not believe in seahorses even though I have seen them, I think they are fake).

One evening after sitting in TSP I made my way to St Marks Pizza and then to the Knitting Factory to see some bands. That night the men's bathroom was closed. So there was a note on the ladies bathroom explaining that the bathroom would be unisex. Through the entire evening this was the talk of the Knitting Factory. Every group I passed seemed to be talking about what a strange experience this all was. I remember going into one of the stalls and doing my pee thing and the girl in the next stall says out loud "This is crazy, those feet (mine) are facing the wrong way!" The next time I had to use the bathroom there was a guy at the door not allowing any men in since his girlfriend was using it and could not deal with a unisex bathroom.

Still to this day I think it was some social experiment, and if it wasn't then a great opportunity was missed. I learned how much time ladies spend during their trip to the bathroom... lots of talking and primping. Guys do their thing, wash the hands (about 50% do), and leave. A very memorable evening.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cocktail Parties.

I am in need of a good cocktail party. Infact, I am needing lots of cocktail parties. I live in the big city and seldom get together at someone's apartment and mingle with friends and strangers while sipping on some drink that tastes like gasoline but for some strange reason makes me feel manly. BTW, my feel manly drink is a Dewars Rob Roy (totally ripped that off my older brother).

Rob Roy:
1 1/2 oz blended Scotch Whisky
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
1 to 2 dashes orange bitters (or Angostura)
Stir with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with a cherry.

I work by myself. Sure I have office mates that work for another company, but it's not like I am in an office of 100 people who I have interaction with on a daily basis. Most of my office mates would not attend a cocktail party (no keg, and dressing up = no fun). LP works mostly with people twenty years older that her... all in the medical education field. At least once a year we are invited to a cocktail party at LP's boss' house... but I surrounded by a bunch of MDs and PhDs who say hello to me with such crazy vocabulary I have no clue how to answer. Yes, I am at a cocktail party - but not really mingling, more like attaching myself to LP since I am overwhelmed by active braincells in the room. I did get into a conversation a couple years ago at one of these medical education cocktail parties about music... Joni Mitchell. That was a trip. I talked about how I loved the "Court & Spark" album she did - but it seemed like the group only knew her "Blue" album. Oh well.

Don't get me wrong, the MD cocktail parties are fun - but not my ideal shin-dig. I'd love an party atmosphere to not talk about about work. Sure the question of "What do you do" is going to pop up, but there must be some limit to the conversation. At the MD cocktail party it's work work work work... which I cannot add or really even partake in the mingling. OK some times it's topics, but they all lead back to work work work. I want and gathering which talks about movies, music, books, restaurants, the CTA, crazy people on the CTA, how the suburbs are lame, how city living is superior which make us cool and hip because of our zip code (and yes, I do live in Lakeview).

Let's cut to the chase - If you are planning a cocktail party please invite me and LP. We are really good guests. We will bring some amazing wine. I can be a wallflower at the beginning, but at least I won't get stupid drunk and start telling lewd jokes and making fart noise with my underarms (I've never been talented in that area).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pro Football.

I never really got into professional football. Not really sure why. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the heyday of the 49ers, and that really did not spark my interest. I'm not your typical dude, so when it comes to watching / following sports baseball is enough for me. I like baseball people.

When I moved to Chicago I quickly realized that everyone here follows the Bears. LP and I were at the opera last year during the playoffs and people (not just the men) were checking the score on their phones. I know saying "everyone" in Chicago follows the Bears is a big generalization... but it is pretty true - especially when they are good (unlike this piss poor season).

What I never learned is how to be a super dude and watch pro football like a man. I realized this yesterday while watching the Bears game. I watched the game by myself (not with the dudes / bros). I had iced tea (not beer). I was watching on my old tube 20" television (not some 50" plasma flat screen blah blah blah). The volume was off (not hooked up to the stereo). I had the stereo on... I was listening to The Clientele, Neil Halstead, Cowboy Junkies (not AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen). The game went down to the final seconds and I was asleep (not yelling and screaming that they lost).

You know, I like my way of watching pro football better.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Congratulations to Al Gore for jointly winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I am still not a fan of Al. But here is my thought for the day:

Have you ever noticed the more weight Al Gore gains, the more awards he wins? It's crazy. Maybe Al is eating all of that Arctic ice.

To try and be positive (it is Friday)... at least most of the world seems to like Al Gore, unlike so many other America leaders.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Art Student.

Yesterday I was on the El going back to work from an afternoon meeting I had in the South Loop. The train was packed with tons of art students - my guess is they all went to Columbia College. They all looked like cute indie-rockers and each carried a couple bags toting all of their pens, pencils, brushed, etc.

The kid next to me pulled out his drawing pad and started sketching away. He was sketching one of the people standing on the stuffed train... and it was it horrible (the drawing, not the stuffed train). This kid could not draw any worse if he was blind. As he worked on his "masterpiece" it only seem to get worse. It was so bad I kept contemplating on telling him the sad truth that he needs to change majors. But then my nice Niner side would kick in and remind myself that I do not know this kid, or what he is studying - BUT it was so obvious that he is an art major... at an art school.

I noticed that everyone around us on the train was staring at the sketching... and most looked horrified or ready to fall over laughing. Poor guy. The evil inside me (aka art critic) really should of helped him out. Maybe photography was more his thing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kill The Commenting, Pumpkin.

I've been thinking about taking off my commenting function for a while now. Mainly because I keep reminding myself that I do this blog for me... not to be Mr Popular and try to get a million comments and win over tons of friends. Most people who do read my blog do not comment, which is totally fine. Maybe this is something to start in 2008... maybe not.

My only reason to keep the commenting is there are some of you that post comments that I think are really great. Either funny or insightful or both... and once in a while I find someone out there has the same thoughts as me, or went through the same things.

I forgot to mention that I bought a couple pumpkins last week. This is the earliest I have bought a pumpkin in a long time. Autumn is my favorite time of the year because of Halloween and baseball playoffs, so why not get a couple pumpkins for the house. We named them Oscar and Pete. Pete took a little tumble in the back of the car and cracked his handle.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where Do I Live?

This is Wikipedia's map of the North Center neighborhood... which my house is in.

I've been living a lie. No... I have not been lying (like my post last week). I've been living a lie. I just learned that I am not living in the neighborhood I thought I was. I tell everyone that I live in Lakeview, but I don't. Or do I? Our house was listed as being in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, but I knew that was not correct... we are one block away from the boundary.

I live in North Center... well according to Wikipedia. I hate Wikipedia, and I am not sure why I allow it to frustrate me - but I do. I don't want them to be right. I don't want to live in North Center. That sounds so boring. Who came up with that? There are so many interesting names of neighborhoods in Chicago (Bucktown, Wicker Park, Edgewater, Brightport, Beverly, Ukranian Village) and I get North Center. It's kind of like thinking you were wearing some hot tight crotch Jordache jeans... and then you find out they are Wal-Mart brand. What kind of jeans are those? North Center... boring. Even Wonder Bread is kind of cool retro, it's not just plain white bread.

I am not knocking the neighborhood of North Center, just the name. But I am knocking Wikipedia for being wrong so many times... which I hope is now. Cherry Ride told me I was completely wrong about believing in the absurdity of the idea of me being in North Center. Cherry... I want to believe you, but all the cool kids like this Wikipedia so much.

This is a map of Lakeview that actaully includes where I live. I like this map a whole lot... it looks more official that that crappy Wikipedia map.

This is the North Center neighborhood association's map... now why would they lie? Wikipedia would lie - but not a neighborhood association. My house is not on this map... not even close.

Bye Bye.

The curse of A-Rod continues. Yes, I said curse. The Yankees have not won a World Series with A-Rod... no team has. Could the best player in baseball be more of a burden? Or maybe the 26 Rings that Yankees fans always taunt other fans about is enough for this team. If the Yankees have won so much... maybe it's time for others to win.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Highlights.

1. Finally met Recken. Super fun times. We're totally BFF. God, I hope whoever got that note doesn't know it was me who wrote it. I'd shit twice and die.

2. Went to the Aussie's apartment for dinner and ten bottles of wine. We all got pretty smashed... but the winners had to be Kefla in Disguise and LP. Total champions. Cherry brought Recken. Recken brought along her fantastic Aussie friend. Yep, two Aussies, one apartment. I am surprised it did not blow up.

3. Paul Poon came up in discussions more than needed, but it was Poon-tastic.

4. Danny's & The Liar's Club with Classy and Dr. Ken and some T1s. I had not seen any of them in forever. The Aussie got felt up by some wild blonde lady who was straight out of 1985. Later I saw 1985 fall right on her face outside the Liar's. Classic. Had a good discussion with Recken about overplayed songs: Celebration, We Are Family, Take On Me.

5. Lots of bike riding which saved on cab costs.

6. Ate a bag of White Castle on Sunday evening. Felt like crap for the rest of the day.

7. The Cubs got knocked out of the playoffs. Sorry Cubs fans, but your team CHOKED.

8. The Bears beat Green Bay. We're not dead yet, just on life support.

... and a couple of low points.
- No time to look for a new job.
- Forgot to bring my camera.
- It's Columbus day... and I am at work.

Friday, October 05, 2007


When I was in high school, like many, I strived for attention. And even though I got plenty of attention I still strived for more. I was greedy. I was the skate-rat that was way into music... which helped me relate to lots of different people. My friend Keith and I use to dj during lunch in the main quad. There was no one that I did not get along with. I was even elected to the student counsel. Yep, I was the Rally Chair. And I also started an official club at school... The Norm Peterson Booster Society (yep, from Cheers).

With all of the attention I had on a daily basis I was pretty set - but I always seemed to want / need more. Probably not need, but as a pimply faced teenager I thought I needed to be cooler than the day before. I had to learn the newest skateboarding trick, or go bigger, faster than someone else. I had to spin the latest cool record... before it was cool. So after spinning it I'd have to go to Tower Records or up to Rough Trade or Reckless in SF to find a new 12" that was even cooler.

I was a happy kid from a great family, and looking back on my time in high school I have no clue why a spent so much time grasping for more and more attention. Since I was not doing super amazing things all of the time (yeah I know, hard to believe) a few times I stretched the truth a little. Actually I flat out lied. Lied Lied Lied. And I am not a liar, never have been - because I am not good at it, and I feel awful for doing it. But in my high school days I did tell a few whoppers just to be cooler than the day before.
Lie #1.
I knew 3rd Bass. The first 3rd Bass album came out in the Fall of my senior year. Since I spun their record before anyone at my school had heard of them I was super cool. But since that was not enough for me, I told people I knew them. I had proof. The CD booklet had pages of Thank You/Shout Outs, and one of the names listed was NINER. So why could it of not been me? Well maybe because I lived in Northern California and they were from Queens... and I never had met them. I was a dumb-ass.
Lie #2.
I had a broken leg. My older brother had busted his kneecap and had multiple leg braces. After he was better I decided to come to school on a Friday wearing one of the leg braces and crutches hobbling around saying I had busted my leg. Sure I got the attention, but no one really questioned it all when I showed up on Monday morning all healed. My Physics teacher never believed me... you could see it in his eyes, he knew I was full of it.
Lie #3.
I had a mysterious disease. Now I only told this to a couple teachers, primarily to get out doing a bunch of work. I was not a strong reader so instead of working on my reading I screwed off, went skateboarding, bought records, and came up with some story that I was really really sick. I wish I remember the name of the disease I made up. See back then there was not internet searches, so you could get away with it. Until my parents went to Back To School Night and they came home telling me that some of my teachers were really worried about me and my health issues. I really felt like a dumb-ass.
Lie #4.
I had a book deal. I had to write a story for an English class... and I just rolled with it. I had written about 100 pages of pure crap - and so why not get a book deal. I never told my teacher about the book deal (he knew people so I did not want him snooping, he knew Enya - really) but I told some people at school. People really did not care. There was this "Oh, that's nice" attitude about it. They probably read right through my lying eyes.
Lie #5.
I designed a logo for Adidas. I was really into art and I got into graffiti designs during one summer. Well I made this graffiti design re-doing the Adidas logo... and I lied to everyone in my art class that Adidas paid me to use the design. Of course all of this went down during the summer. Uh, sure it did. That was such a dumb-ass move.

Were there more? Nope. I just used these at key times when I needed to feel even cooler... never realizing that I was being the biggest dork, and that people liked me any way... without all of these made up stories. But people never called me on any of it because I had lots of accomplishments - they just bought into my full-of-crapness. Or they just made fun of me behind my back.

Oh, being a teenager...

Thursday, October 04, 2007


This past Saturday night LP and I went out with two of our good friends. A night in Chicago that took us to a neighborhood Oktoberfest gathering (which was way over crowded) and then to a local pub that had a great patio where we had some drinks and just talked about random things... mostly relationships, not politics or religion. I am a lucky person to have good friends. I have always had good people in my life.

I am one of those people who only count a few people in my life as good friends... and then I have some friends, and then there are the people I know. There are others that will call anyone they know "friend" - and maybe that is a good way of looking at life, then you are always surrounded by friends. Maybe it makes some feel loved or popular. Or maybe it's just a positive way of looking at life and the people in it. Preachers often call everyone friend. I on the other hand like to use the title of friend to those in my life I truly care about, and who also care about me. People who know how I am doing because they ask.

Saturday night's evening had some discussions that I agreed with and did not agree with. That is the beauty of friendships... learning more and more about how we all think and feel. Going out, going on trips, doing exciting things are all wonderful - but there is something about sitting around a table (even just at home) and talking over a few drinks. It's a time to give support, feel support, laugh, and feel apart of something - a family, especially when real family is so far away.

I love my Chicago friends, you are all very important to me. Having no family here, LP and I would have never enjoyed the city as much as we have without the friendships we have made here. It feels like home... because good friendships are truly like a family in many ways. Good friends don't treat you like shit - they may give you a little shit because you need it (I often need it). Friends are around even when they don't need anything - true friends do not have an agenda. Good friends also like you because of you - it's not just a stop off until something more exciting comes along. Friends don't lie - maybe a white lie now and then (example: gee Niner that sure was a funny joke... ha ha).

Maybe it is a positive way to call every person you know a friend, but I like to use the term less frequently so the meaning does not get diluted.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Future Shows To Get The Axe.

As some of you loyal readers of the 5 of 9er may know, each year I pick a few new television programs to get into... and each year most of them get cancelled. Yes, after one season. Some may last two seasons if I am lucky. Last year's victims were: The Class (cbs) and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (abc).

This year's nominations for not getting through to the Fall of '08 are:
Gossip Girl (cw)
Chuck (nbc)
Big Bang Theory (cbs)

I really have no clue why I pick certain shows. Last year I got absorbed with Studio 60 but I had never watched The West Wing or any TV dramas like it. This year I decided from the get go to get into Gossip Girl although I have never seen an episode of The OC, 90210, or Melrose Place. I am already sucked completely into it - so I can feel the cancellation coming on. Big Bang Theory just happens to be on right after the best show on TV (How I Met Your Mother) - it's good dorky fun, much like The Class (r.i.p.). Chuck seems to be a good blend of humor, drama, and action... no, it's not like the A-Team.

Thankfully I got into Weeds after it had been on for a full season and had started on it's second.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Boorish Food.

I appreciate food. Good food. Fine food. And I enjoy cooking... although I can go on long periods without cooking something exciting and new (I have a grip of regular dishes). I am not a foodie, but I completely understand the way of the foodie - and if I had the budget I would follow those ways.

I do have one dish that would fit in the anti-foodie realm (here is where LP is saying "One, just one?"). This dish, which I could eat daily (but I don't), would easily get my wanna-be-foodie card taken away.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ala Niner. It is a box of Mac & Cheese (must be Kraft, and the directions on the box must followed - I prefer nonfat milk) and some added spices (I suggest Morton & Bassett SF spices). After the box of chemicals and macaroni are cooked I add:
1 tbsp Curry Powder
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

The only problems with this dish:
1. One box is too much for me to eat... I don't need it - but I could eat the whole box.
2. LP thinks it is disgusting and will not eat it.
3. Kraft Mac & Cheese is never good the next day, and I like leftovers.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Road Trip: Highlights.

Some of my thoughts about my road trip to Charlotte, NC...

Indiana is a nice calming drive... you drive by farm after farm after farm. I've been to Indiana a few times before this trip and I think I've done all I want to do there. Sorry Indiana.

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states to drive through. Almost every exit has a sign of some kind of attraction, which most are distilleries. Mmmmm... booze. We did not stop at any of them because we had places to go... and drinking and driving is not a good thing. We did have some fantastic Basil Hayden bourbon at dinner in Louisville. The Louisville Slugger Museum was fantastic... any baseball fan would enjoy the tour. Tip: Go to Louisville Slugger during the week since they do not make bats on the weekend and I am sure the tour would be less exciting.
Things still to do in Kentucky:
1. Go on the Bourbon Trail
2. Stop at the original KFC - they have a museum there!
3. Ride a horse, and go to Churchill Downs.

Eastern Tennessee is much more beautiful than the flat Western part of the state. I had already been to the Great Smoky Mountains, but if you have not been you should go. You just might see Dolly Parton, really. I wish we could of spent some time in Knoxville but we passed it (both going and coming) at a bad times to stop. I dig that city.
Things still to do in Tennessee:
1. Grand Ole Opry.
2. Ride on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

I cannot say much about South Carolina since we just drove through only about 100 miles of it, and we only stopped for gas... and took a couple photos of the Peach looking water tower. I did notice that all of the dirt is red, and lots of people have the state symbol (palm tree and a crescent moon) sticker on their cars... state pride is alive and well in SC. I did not see in Confederate flags, but I did learn that many from SC truly think they are the best part of the States and they are the true south... whatever that means.
Things still to do in South Carolina:
1. Everything... especially Charleston.

North Carolina is fine. Charlotte is fine. I wish I could think of a better word for fine, but fine seems to closely match how I feel. My feeling is that Charlotte is one of those cities that is more exciting to live in, rather than visit. I did have a good time - but was not blown away by the city. I would say the highlight would have to be the Billy Graham Library - it is done so well. And for a man I only know a little bit about I was very very impressed with the entire tour. I also enjoyed the Rosedale Plantation tour. I could sum up the people in downtown as: fat guys in dockers who smoke... although I am pretty sure someone said that about Chicago once. On the drive to Charlotte we stopped for lunch in Asheville which was a really beautiful part of the country... I'd like to go back and see more of it. LP and I did take a quick trip to Greensboro to see some friends for a quick lunch. The company was better than the town, but downtown Greensboro was really cute.
Things still to do in North Carolina:
1. Chapel Hill
2. Raleigh / Durham
3. Outer banks.
4. Asheville... and go to the Biltmore.