Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kill The Commenting, Pumpkin.

I've been thinking about taking off my commenting function for a while now. Mainly because I keep reminding myself that I do this blog for me... not to be Mr Popular and try to get a million comments and win over tons of friends. Most people who do read my blog do not comment, which is totally fine. Maybe this is something to start in 2008... maybe not.

My only reason to keep the commenting is there are some of you that post comments that I think are really great. Either funny or insightful or both... and once in a while I find someone out there has the same thoughts as me, or went through the same things.

I forgot to mention that I bought a couple pumpkins last week. This is the earliest I have bought a pumpkin in a long time. Autumn is my favorite time of the year because of Halloween and baseball playoffs, so why not get a couple pumpkins for the house. We named them Oscar and Pete. Pete took a little tumble in the back of the car and cracked his handle.