Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where Do I Live?

This is Wikipedia's map of the North Center neighborhood... which my house is in.

I've been living a lie. No... I have not been lying (like my post last week). I've been living a lie. I just learned that I am not living in the neighborhood I thought I was. I tell everyone that I live in Lakeview, but I don't. Or do I? Our house was listed as being in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, but I knew that was not correct... we are one block away from the boundary.

I live in North Center... well according to Wikipedia. I hate Wikipedia, and I am not sure why I allow it to frustrate me - but I do. I don't want them to be right. I don't want to live in North Center. That sounds so boring. Who came up with that? There are so many interesting names of neighborhoods in Chicago (Bucktown, Wicker Park, Edgewater, Brightport, Beverly, Ukranian Village) and I get North Center. It's kind of like thinking you were wearing some hot tight crotch Jordache jeans... and then you find out they are Wal-Mart brand. What kind of jeans are those? North Center... boring. Even Wonder Bread is kind of cool retro, it's not just plain white bread.

I am not knocking the neighborhood of North Center, just the name. But I am knocking Wikipedia for being wrong so many times... which I hope is now. Cherry Ride told me I was completely wrong about believing in the absurdity of the idea of me being in North Center. Cherry... I want to believe you, but all the cool kids like this Wikipedia so much.

This is a map of Lakeview that actaully includes where I live. I like this map a whole lot... it looks more official that that crappy Wikipedia map.

This is the North Center neighborhood association's map... now why would they lie? Wikipedia would lie - but not a neighborhood association. My house is not on this map... not even close.