Monday, October 22, 2007


I give money to charities. I just do not give it in some big public flashy way. You might say, well what are you doing now - and I will rebut with: you do not know to who (or is it whom?), how much, or how. Also, I need some kind of introductory line for this post so just deal with it. There are two charities that really bug me.

The guy that stands outside the Jewel on Southport (near Addison) and sells copies of Street Wise newspaper. Every major city has one of these homeless newspapers, and I tend to buy one every so often. Portland's was called Street Roots. Have you ever read one? They are pretty awful. Sorry, but they are. I understand they are doing some good (maybe) - but they are a terrible read. The guy that hawks Street Wise copies at Jewel dresses better than me. He has a matching ensemble every day. I'm not talking about a suit, I'm talking Nike Air Force Ones with a matching track suit. He has Jordan's in almost every color. His wardrobe makes me look like the homeless one. So why should I buy from him? I tend to buy a copy every now and then from the guy the the Graceland Post Office that kind of smells homeless. Plus he gives out free pens.

The young kids that always want "five minutes for Greenpeace" only get about a millisecond from me: "No." I can't help but think of the footage from ten years ago of the big tanker that emptied it's sewage on the little Greenpeace boat. Classic move! Sorry Greenpeace, I like the cause just not how you go about it, or the little rich suburban kids that think they are hippies.