Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cocktail Parties.

I am in need of a good cocktail party. Infact, I am needing lots of cocktail parties. I live in the big city and seldom get together at someone's apartment and mingle with friends and strangers while sipping on some drink that tastes like gasoline but for some strange reason makes me feel manly. BTW, my feel manly drink is a Dewars Rob Roy (totally ripped that off my older brother).

Rob Roy:
1 1/2 oz blended Scotch Whisky
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
1 to 2 dashes orange bitters (or Angostura)
Stir with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with a cherry.

I work by myself. Sure I have office mates that work for another company, but it's not like I am in an office of 100 people who I have interaction with on a daily basis. Most of my office mates would not attend a cocktail party (no keg, and dressing up = no fun). LP works mostly with people twenty years older that her... all in the medical education field. At least once a year we are invited to a cocktail party at LP's boss' house... but I surrounded by a bunch of MDs and PhDs who say hello to me with such crazy vocabulary I have no clue how to answer. Yes, I am at a cocktail party - but not really mingling, more like attaching myself to LP since I am overwhelmed by active braincells in the room. I did get into a conversation a couple years ago at one of these medical education cocktail parties about music... Joni Mitchell. That was a trip. I talked about how I loved the "Court & Spark" album she did - but it seemed like the group only knew her "Blue" album. Oh well.

Don't get me wrong, the MD cocktail parties are fun - but not my ideal shin-dig. I'd love an party atmosphere to not talk about about work. Sure the question of "What do you do" is going to pop up, but there must be some limit to the conversation. At the MD cocktail party it's work work work work... which I cannot add or really even partake in the mingling. OK some times it's topics, but they all lead back to work work work. I want and gathering which talks about movies, music, books, restaurants, the CTA, crazy people on the CTA, how the suburbs are lame, how city living is superior which make us cool and hip because of our zip code (and yes, I do live in Lakeview).

Let's cut to the chase - If you are planning a cocktail party please invite me and LP. We are really good guests. We will bring some amazing wine. I can be a wallflower at the beginning, but at least I won't get stupid drunk and start telling lewd jokes and making fart noise with my underarms (I've never been talented in that area).