Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Highlights.

1. Finally met Recken. Super fun times. We're totally BFF. God, I hope whoever got that note doesn't know it was me who wrote it. I'd shit twice and die.

2. Went to the Aussie's apartment for dinner and ten bottles of wine. We all got pretty smashed... but the winners had to be Kefla in Disguise and LP. Total champions. Cherry brought Recken. Recken brought along her fantastic Aussie friend. Yep, two Aussies, one apartment. I am surprised it did not blow up.

3. Paul Poon came up in discussions more than needed, but it was Poon-tastic.

4. Danny's & The Liar's Club with Classy and Dr. Ken and some T1s. I had not seen any of them in forever. The Aussie got felt up by some wild blonde lady who was straight out of 1985. Later I saw 1985 fall right on her face outside the Liar's. Classic. Had a good discussion with Recken about overplayed songs: Celebration, We Are Family, Take On Me.

5. Lots of bike riding which saved on cab costs.

6. Ate a bag of White Castle on Sunday evening. Felt like crap for the rest of the day.

7. The Cubs got knocked out of the playoffs. Sorry Cubs fans, but your team CHOKED.

8. The Bears beat Green Bay. We're not dead yet, just on life support.

... and a couple of low points.
- No time to look for a new job.
- Forgot to bring my camera.
- It's Columbus day... and I am at work.