Thursday, October 04, 2007


This past Saturday night LP and I went out with two of our good friends. A night in Chicago that took us to a neighborhood Oktoberfest gathering (which was way over crowded) and then to a local pub that had a great patio where we had some drinks and just talked about random things... mostly relationships, not politics or religion. I am a lucky person to have good friends. I have always had good people in my life.

I am one of those people who only count a few people in my life as good friends... and then I have some friends, and then there are the people I know. There are others that will call anyone they know "friend" - and maybe that is a good way of looking at life, then you are always surrounded by friends. Maybe it makes some feel loved or popular. Or maybe it's just a positive way of looking at life and the people in it. Preachers often call everyone friend. I on the other hand like to use the title of friend to those in my life I truly care about, and who also care about me. People who know how I am doing because they ask.

Saturday night's evening had some discussions that I agreed with and did not agree with. That is the beauty of friendships... learning more and more about how we all think and feel. Going out, going on trips, doing exciting things are all wonderful - but there is something about sitting around a table (even just at home) and talking over a few drinks. It's a time to give support, feel support, laugh, and feel apart of something - a family, especially when real family is so far away.

I love my Chicago friends, you are all very important to me. Having no family here, LP and I would have never enjoyed the city as much as we have without the friendships we have made here. It feels like home... because good friendships are truly like a family in many ways. Good friends don't treat you like shit - they may give you a little shit because you need it (I often need it). Friends are around even when they don't need anything - true friends do not have an agenda. Good friends also like you because of you - it's not just a stop off until something more exciting comes along. Friends don't lie - maybe a white lie now and then (example: gee Niner that sure was a funny joke... ha ha).

Maybe it is a positive way to call every person you know a friend, but I like to use the term less frequently so the meaning does not get diluted.