Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Slutted Halloween?

When did Halloween become slutty? Has it always been slutty and I just never noticed? It just seems the past few years I have noticed that so many women /girls dress as "slutty______" for Halloween. It's not just a cowgirl... it's a slutty cowgirl. A cop is not good enough, it needs to be a slutty cop. Judge Sandra Day O'Connor is not a crowd pleasing costume, it has to be slutty Judge Sandra Day O'Connor.

Cute is one thing, slutty is another. Maybe instead of being slutty high rise window washer... someone could just be a slut. Hooker? Lady of the night? Pole dancer? Then the sluttiness fits the costume. And maybe the next morning they will realize they like dudes groping them so much they'll change their careers... maybe a hooker, lady of the night, or pole dancer?

Happy Halloween Campers!