Thursday, October 11, 2007

Art Student.

Yesterday I was on the El going back to work from an afternoon meeting I had in the South Loop. The train was packed with tons of art students - my guess is they all went to Columbia College. They all looked like cute indie-rockers and each carried a couple bags toting all of their pens, pencils, brushed, etc.

The kid next to me pulled out his drawing pad and started sketching away. He was sketching one of the people standing on the stuffed train... and it was it horrible (the drawing, not the stuffed train). This kid could not draw any worse if he was blind. As he worked on his "masterpiece" it only seem to get worse. It was so bad I kept contemplating on telling him the sad truth that he needs to change majors. But then my nice Niner side would kick in and remind myself that I do not know this kid, or what he is studying - BUT it was so obvious that he is an art major... at an art school.

I noticed that everyone around us on the train was staring at the sketching... and most looked horrified or ready to fall over laughing. Poor guy. The evil inside me (aka art critic) really should of helped him out. Maybe photography was more his thing.