Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lazy funk.

I've been in such a lazy funk lately. I have not been reading (except for the daily paper). I have not been exercising. I have not even been finding new recipes to cook for dinner. But I have been eating. I have been sitting on the couch zoning out on the television and munching on potato chips and other snack goodies (last night included birthday cake and sweet tarts). I have been drinking so many beers and cokes that I am expecting one morning to wake up with a huge gut and no teeth. I've been in such a lazy funk that I have not even been updating the 5 of 9er (that's just a crime).

Now I am not turning into a complete slob... I do take showers, go to work, do laundry, clean the house. I just seem to do nothing with my free time, especially the free time after work. Instead of getting home, feeding the cats, and then get my ass in gear... I feed the cats, park the ass, and feed it. Not good. The biggest problem area is the time between leaving work and when LP gets home. LP works on the Southside, and after work she works out, and then takes the CTA home. So I am usually home for two plus hours before her. Those two plus hours shape my evening to come.

What do I want to be doing? Not truly sure, but since my day job uses almost zero percent of my brain, I feel like I should be using it during part of my day. And since my office has no windows I should be using my time outside of work... outside (at least on nice days). There are so many books I own that I have yet to read, or finish reading. I am getting a bit out of shape (from sitting on the couch so much) that I need to get the limbs moving (although I do walk at least 2 miles per day). I have tons of ideas and stories to write down, but just never get to doing it. There are so many careers I want to learn about, maybe even pursue (since I have a job, not a career), but think to myself that I just do not have the time, so I do nothing.

I think it comes down to this: Life is too short to be a lazy fat ass. There is no time for a lazy funk. Really. There is too much to do, to enjoy, in life... especially when living in a great city like Chicago. There is always time for sitting on the couch, but not time to do it each and every day. And hopefully by getting off my ass I'll be in better health to enjoy life even longer. I'm not pathetic, not even close, I'm just in a funk.

Or I can just go out and buy and extremely uncomfortable couch and then I'll get off my ass... or I'll just lay on the floor, or go to bed.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


In case you missed the amazing softball game this past Saturday (none of my cheerleaders came this week)... Indie Team #7 lost a close one with a score of 18-2. We are now at the bottom of the league standings with a 0-4 record. The real bummer about all of this is that half of our team members do not show up for games. The past two games we had to scramble around the diamonds begging people to play on our team so we did not have to forfeit. We have 15 people on our team and it only takes 10 to make a playable team. So when 8 people show up that just blows. Why would you sign up for a team if you are not going to come? When you sign up for softball you get to pick the day of the week you want to play, the field you want to play at, and the general times. It's a little frustrating since I signed up to play, not to forfeit. Indie Team #7 needs to show up to play!