Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Future Shows To Get The Axe.

As some of you loyal readers of the 5 of 9er may know, each year I pick a few new television programs to get into... and each year most of them get cancelled. Yes, after one season. Some may last two seasons if I am lucky. Last year's victims were: The Class (cbs) and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (abc).

This year's nominations for not getting through to the Fall of '08 are:
Gossip Girl (cw)
Chuck (nbc)
Big Bang Theory (cbs)

I really have no clue why I pick certain shows. Last year I got absorbed with Studio 60 but I had never watched The West Wing or any TV dramas like it. This year I decided from the get go to get into Gossip Girl although I have never seen an episode of The OC, 90210, or Melrose Place. I am already sucked completely into it - so I can feel the cancellation coming on. Big Bang Theory just happens to be on right after the best show on TV (How I Met Your Mother) - it's good dorky fun, much like The Class (r.i.p.). Chuck seems to be a good blend of humor, drama, and action... no, it's not like the A-Team.

Thankfully I got into Weeds after it had been on for a full season and had started on it's second.