Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I've had change on my mind so much lately. Mostly because I am wanting to change jobs. And it is the hip word in the presidential race. I've always been one for change. I like the challenge... most of the time. Moving to a new town or house. Changing jobs. Wearing new pants. Meeting new people. Listening to new music. Change.

I've been so itching for change lately, but I'm not sure if a new job is the only change I am yearning for. Maybe it is, but possibly not. LP and I really adore Chicago, so I don't think I am wanting a change of location (although London always sounds fun). We love our little house and backyard that is still covered snow.

It might be Spring. This winter has been over the top, and I (yes, me... Mister I Love Snow) have been needing warmth and sun. I'll keep you posted when the season turns and seeing if my need for change is still going.