Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink Martini.

LP and I went to the Chicago Theater last night to see the ever entertaining Pink Martini.  They were amazing... like they always are.  The family sitting next to us had two kids with them, and before the show their teenage son asked what kind of music they were seeing.  The mom replied that she was really not sure, but she thought it was show tunes.  What?  A family pays $65 a pop to go see a band they do not know.  Strange.  The teenage son was sitting next to LP... and according to her he smelled like grapefruit and cat pee.  Now that's an odd combo.  

Half way through the set, the vocalist China tells a cute little story about how an agent at United Airlines (while Thomas was playing the little ditty from those awful animated United commercials) helped her with some travel plans and got her a free upgrade... so she invited him and his family to the show.  Yep, they were sitting next to us.  So it made total sense why they did not know what Pink Martini sounded like.  But why did their son smell like grapefruit and cat pee?