Friday, March 14, 2008

Missing Austin, TX.

This is the first year in many that I have not gone to Austin for SXSW. Each March my employer sends me to hang out with the music community, grab some drinks with clients, see some bands, and make some new contacts. It's a blast. Especially during since SXSW falls in the month of March when the winter in Chicago is dragging on and summer seems so far away. Going to Austin and getting a few days of sun in 80 degree temperatures is a very reviving trip.

The last couple years it has seemed more like just repeating the same thing over and over. I tend to see the same people in the same spots. Everyone wants to go to the same places to eat. I look at the same art. I see the same bands (or new ones that look / sound like the old ones). So this year I figured a year off would be good for me, and save the company a few bucks. So we decided to send a new employee who has never been to SXSW... and he is one happy camper.

SXSW is currently going on and I'll admit that I miss it a little. It would love to put on some shorts and see some of those same people in the same spots, mostly because some of those people I only see once a year. So to help turn my frown upside-down I decided to buy passes for this year's Pitchfork Festival. I know it's not until July, but I get warm inside just thinking about it. Plus I've never gone.... I've been anti-festival the last few years for some reason. Cherry will be there. Hopefully my brother from SF will fly out. And Spiritualized will be playing... so what else do you need?

...well, I still wish I could put on shorts today.