Monday, March 10, 2008


When are you considered grown-up?

I know there is a point of view from many who want to be a kid their entire lives and feel young (blah blah blah). At some point you must grow up. This does not mean you need give up the fun in your life, but maybe it does mean you become more responsible. Less drinking and partying. Less reckless spending. Less talking smack about others. Less going from friend to friend, or fling to fling. Maybe more saving. Or do you? Can you be grown up and still live the life of a college age kid?

Is grown up an age. 21? 30? 40? Is grown up when you get married? When you have a child? I am sure most would say being grown up is different for each person. Fine. I'll buy that argument. But how do you know when you're grown up... or when it's time to start acting grown up? Is it when some teenage kid calls you mister?

I feel like I'll never be grown up... and lately I think it's time to start working on it. But my ideas are so warped when it comes to being grown up. I am quite sure I need to make a lot more money. I am quite sure I should have a job that I am required to wear nicer clothes. I am quite sure I should know a few more people my age, and probably married couples since LP and I have very few married friends in Chicago (because married couples get together on double dates and talk about the dreaded singles... right?).

I wish there was a book for this.