Monday, March 03, 2008


So where was I last week? I was here, but so was my boss. So that means no blogging. And since we went out every night and morning he was here... that means no blogging during free time.

My boss is based in our Portland office and I only see him a few times a year. Our working relationship got so much better when I moved. It truly did. He has a very short attention span at the office - so even though we sat near each other in the Portland office it was better to email him than to talk to him. He gets absorbed with email. So now being in Chicago he calls me every morning on his drive to work, which ends up being the perfect solution... no email distration while driving.

Now that I have expressed my desire to find a new job... things have even got better. My boss totally understands that the company cannot offer me anything more than I get right now. I will never grow. I will never be challenged any more than I am. Eight years is a good amount of service to one job. And I am thrilled I can talk to my boss about moving on.