Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Big Dance.

Last week I was complaining to someone (not sure who it was... I guess it was someone who was listening) about how I could never get into watching basketball. This time every year I get jealous of all the people who have a team in the NCAA tournament. Everyone (OK, maybe not everyone) seems to get so fired up about the brackets and what teams are going to make it, and who is going to choke. My college did not have a men's basketball team for many years. I believe they started it up again when I was attending, but I never went to a game. They played home games in the gym. I've tried to get behind Stanford when they are in the tournament since I was born at Standford Hospital and grew up following their sports program, but I never attended the school... so I feel sort of like an impostor.

Well all has changed. Last night Portland State made the NCAA Tournament for the first time. For once, I will truly (no pretending) have March Madness!!! I am going to wear my PSU t-shirt and sweatshirt and watch the game on TV (hopefully it's on). I know it is very realistic that they will get bumped out in the first round but I don't care. PSU has allowed me this one March Madness party and I am going to enjoy it. I've actually enjoyed just seeing PSU on ESPN News... that was amazing enough.

Go Vikings!!!