Friday, March 28, 2008

Old Show, New Show.

Old Show:
Remember Remote Control on MTV? I am sure some of you are too young to remember it, but for those of you that do... you cannot deny it was a fantastic show. Why has no one brought it back? Sure that was the start of MTV not airing videos - but let's put that blame on The Real World series, since Remote Control was so totally awesome. When I was living in NYC I met one of the first contestants on the show. She actually made it to the bed (the finale), but lost. At least she did not have to do the spinning wheel that replaced the bed in the later years of the show. That night I truly thought she was the coolest people I'd ever met... then later I was informed she was crazy and often stalked people. I left the party out the back.

For those of you that have never seen MTV's Remote Control... I highly recommend looking up a few episodes to watch. BTW, this is the first post I've ever done with an embedded video clip.

New Show:
This past weekend I was suckered into watching Lifetimes' Your Mama Don't Dance. Wow. This show might be the best (worst?) hour on television right now. The premise is a dance contest for professional dancers... but they are surprised to find out they are paired up with their parent. It is a laugh riot. Really. I did not find any really good clips to post, but if you go to Lifetime's website you'll find enough to keep you speechless for hours.