Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have always complained about reunion shows... I see little point in them. The bands usually sound terrible live (although the people who paid way too much for tickets will not admit the show was a let down). And following an over hyped / over priced tour usually comes a terrible let down reunion album. So many examples, do I need to point them out?

I noticed on Monday night in Time Out that Yaz (Yazoo for the rest of the world) was performing at the Chicago Theater in August. Really? I was excited. Way excited. They have not played together in 25 years... and since it's all synth-pop the music would probably sound great. Now how will Alyson Moyet sound? I think it's worth finding out. Yaz's two albums are two of my favorites.

I went over to the computer to look up tickets. $55 + service fees would get me one ticket in nose bleeds. I opted to skip it.  Oh well.