Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well my Portland State basketball team lost to Kansas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  They lost by less than 25 points, and I told everyone I knew that I would be happy if they could keep a loss under a 25 point margin.  Kansas is on a different level than PSU and there was no chance the Vikings would pull out upset.  Seriously, Kansas should of beat them by at least 50 points.

So when I got home from work today and walked over to the school at end of my block and shot hoops for a few minutes.  I remembered how much I love playing the game of basketball.  I recalled the countless hours spent on the driveway of the house I grew up in shooting hoops by myself and pretending I was playing in some big important game and landing the final game winning shot.  I struggle to watch basketball on TV, or read about it in the paper - but I love going outside and throwing the ball around.  Too bad we are getting 3-9 inches of snow tomorrow, because I'd love to go shoot hoops tomorrow as well.

Maybe next year PSU will get there again.  I'm proud of them.