Friday, April 13, 2007

I Want to be on Hwy 1.

For my last entry on my "I Want to be..." week I am choosing a roadway. Maybe this wintry weather has finally gotten to me (geee, you think?) - but I so want to be away from this crap ass weather. I assure you that this will be my last bitchy post about the weather... until late Summer when the heat kicks in.

I would love to go for a drive on California Highway 1 while listening to the Decemberists' "California One." A good long drive along the coast would do me some good right now. I am sure there are many great drives in this country, but for me Hwy 1 is my favorite and one I've done many times. It offers so many great views, and most importantly it offers a great escape (physically and mentally). I surely need a mental escape right now... I've been way too grumpy lately. For those of you on the Left Coast please go take a drive on Hwy 1 for me this weekend.