Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clamhuskers, Fool?

A message was posted to the front page of the Cupertino High School website about the issue I wrote (bitched) about yesterday. Seems like Mr. Harry Bettencourt got enough heat for his terrible idea that he has made up some unbelievable story:

For Interested Tino Community Members: Well, it is time to “come clean”! Let me assure you that there will NOT be a change in our beloved Pioneer mascot! I placed this message on the website on April Fools Day to gauge the level of interaction from our students and parents on one of our main sources of communication! I decided that merely asking people if they used our website might not give me the results for which I was looking. So, in the spirit of that day, I decided to place a “hot button” topic to see how many people actually took notice of important information placed on the site. Needless to say, several did! I have had visits from students throughout the day and received several email messages from parents (some who are former CHS students). I had some great laughs today and several comments, e.g. “Boy, you sure got me”! I hope I did not offend you as that was certainly not my intent. Thank you for your continued passion for and support of Cupertino High School . . . and its Pioneer mascot! - Harry Bettencourt

Mr. Harry Bettencourt, you need to realize that when you play and April Fools joke on a group of people... you need to inform them the day of the prank, or even the day after. I do not buy your excuse (boy you sure didn't get me), and still firmly believe your intention to change the mascot was poorly thought out. Maybe you should think about stepping down.
This is the photo I found when searching for "clamhuskers."