Friday, April 20, 2007

Bye Bye MySpace.

So long MySpace and all of your fake "friends". Good bye MySpace and all of your trampy women who want to be my friend. Goodbye MySpace and all your crappy bands that want me to listen to their crappy home recordings. Goodbye Myspace.

A few weeks ago I cancelled my MySpace page for a few reason reasons. I realized that I'm not right for MySpace. I am not using MySpace to meet people or find hot chicks. My MySpace email gets clogged with cyberporno emails from nasty chicks wanting to "meet me". Delete.

I kept wondering why I even had a MySpace page. I think once you hit 30 you should give up the MySpace... it's for young people that are in high school or college (or that still think their best years were in high school). I did get a few hellos from people I went to high school and college with... but that was it. We became "MySpace friends" and then... the end. There was a reason I did not keep in touch with them and was not sure why I was becoming (MySpace) friends with them all over again.

So I hit the delete profile button, and then the delete again on the next delete button, and then the delete again on the next button to make sure... yes I really was sure, so I had to click on another delete button... and then I got to go to a link on my email that MySpace sent just to make sure I really really wanted to delete my profile. It is really hard to get rid of your MySpace page.

Good bye MySpace. Good by slutty MySpace Women. I'm glad I left you all.