Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Best Game Ever.

I know I geek out a little too much on baseball for some of you... but here I go again. Last night's White Sox game was the best game I have ever attended. Period. Mark Buehrle (my favorite Sox pitcher) threw a No Hitter against the Texas Rangers, and the excitement during the eighth and ninth innings was over the top.

So what made this the best game ever for me?
A few factors:
1. For those of you who do not know, a No Hitter is a rare thing in baseball. It does not even happen every season. 2006 there was one. 2005 there were none.
2. I hate doing things by myself. LP had to go to class and everyone I asked to go with me could not go. But I went by myself and had a great time.
3. Jermaine Dye had a Grand Slam in the same game.
4. Jim Thome had two Home Runs in the same game.
5. I ate TWO hot dogs.

Mark Buehrle needed that No Hitter to help jump start his pitching career again. The White Sox so needed that win since they are having a slow start. And I needed a great night a baseball to wash some of my blues away. Thank God for Baseball.