Monday, April 09, 2007

I Want to be Welsh.

For about ten years I have wanted to be Welsh. I have never been to Wales... I've never even been to the UK - but in 1998 I heard a Catatonia song (a band from Wales) that got stuck in my head. The line that is stuck in my head is "Every day I wake up, I thank the Lord I'm Welsh." That got me thinking... I want to be Welsh. If being Welsh is so great that you write about it in a super catchy song - it must be fantastic. Right?

Here is what I know about Wales:
- It has hills, and lots of goats.
- It's part of the United Kingdom.
- Their flag has a dragon on it (very cool).
- Wales has three national parks... OK, I just looked that up.
- Some fantastic bands are from Wales (Super Furry Animals, Mclusky, Manic Street Preachers).
- When older Welsh women are widowed they grow pot and sell it to make ends meet (or maybe that was just in a movie).

What a wonderful, beautiful, and creative place. I need to move there and become Welsh. Now I just need to talk LP into it and we'll be moving. Any suggestions?