Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My life is pretty good right now. The news that my favorite band in the whole wide world - James - is playing again is fantastic! You know me... I hate reunions, but James never broke up so it is not technically a reunion. Their singer (Tim Booth) left to make a solo record and the band decided to take a break.

Americans know the one hit James had in the States with a song called "Laid." But in the UK the band has had a slew of popular singles. I have been a fan through most of their existence... and a collector of their singles which makes me a certified music dork.

Hopefully the band will cross the Atlantic and come play here, but I am not holding my breath. I will hold my breath and hope this means a new record is coming out... not just this newest singles collection they are releasing next week. James has four great hits albums, I am not really sure why they need another. Oh well, it's good they are back! You should listen to them... they really are tops (unless you hate Brit-Pop... then you would not like them one bit).