Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Want to be a Brewers' Fan.

I've followed baseball all of my life... but as I get older I get more and more into the game and the history of the game. I grew up following the A's and Giants (since I grew up in Northern California) and also the Detroit Tigers (since my family roots are there - before Detroit became a big ass dump of a city). When living in Portland, OR I embraced the Tigers because they were so awful that I felt someone needed to cheer for them, and also Portland does not have a major league team. I also have always been a fan of the local team where I live... right now that is the White Sox.

Well, I am officially done cheering for the Tigers. Since they got to the World Series last year all of their "fans" came out of the woodwork and are giving them lots of support. Chicago is suddenly full of people wearing their Tiger's hats... which is fine - I hope these "fans" stick around. So is there room for me to follow another team? Well, not really. I cannot stand people who just become fans of a team just because (usually because the are popular: Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees)... especially people who live in a city, or near a city, with baseball. Baseball is so much about going to the ballpark and rallying around the home team.

BUT... there is always a but... if I could pick the team I cheered for it would have the be the Milwaukee Brewers. To me they are tops because:

- Their fans are actually into the game of baseball.
- They don't need a superstar player to follow their team.
- Miller Park is near perfect when it comes to new ballparks (so is PNC and AT&T).
- Beers and hot dogs at Miller park are affordable... and tasty.
- Bob Uecker is their radio announcer (he was their catcher from 1962-63).
- Yes, Bob Uecker is their radio announcer.
- Their old-school logo is by far the best baseball logo of all time.
- They are the only team to move from the AL to the NL.
- They have to deal with playing the Cubs and Cardinals all the time... which means they have to deal with Miller Park being filled with those fans quite often.
- Did I mention Bob Uecker?

Hopefully this year I'll make it to a few games in Milwaukee... because it seems to be about the game of baseball there, and Bob Uecker.

Bob Uecker on the left, Mr. Belvedere on the right.