Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Day The Music Died.

My iPod died. It has gone on to a better place. A place where it does not get slap around by me. A place where I don't belittle it for being an Apple Product. A place where it gets some rest from the constant use.

But what about me? What happens to me? I have been walking to work without music. I have started talking to myself (or singing) instead. The people I walk by in the morning think I'm a freak (I just touch my ear pretending I am on my mobile, which I am pretty sure does not work). I have never purchased an mp3 player for myself... this one was a gift. There are so many choices out there and I just have a hard time giving Apple my money. AND I don't really have the money right now to spend on a new mp3 player. Grrrrrr-animals. Sadness.

iPod Guy
December 2003 - April 2007