Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day!

Today is my favorite day of the year! Better than my birthday or Christmas or Halloween... it's Opening Day! A day that should be a national holiday in this country since baseball is supposedly our national pastime.

Now, Opening Day is much better when you can actually attend a baseball game that day - but even without going to a game, it means baseball season is here. Every fan of every team hoping it's their team's year to win it all. It means Summer is just around the corner. It means hot dogs, beer, Cracker Jacks, and fantastic wins and tear filled losses are finally here. And for those of us who actually live through cold ass winters... it means being outside and enjoying time with friends and family.

Win or lose, baseball season is a good time (although winning is so much more fun). You might be a Giants fan, Rockies fan, Cards fan, Pirates fan, or even a Devil Rays fan - but we all have something in common, the love of the game of baseball.

Yea for Opening Day! Go Go White Sox!