Thursday, January 07, 2010


I am not sure how making cheese grits so quickly landed me at the ER, but strangely enough it did. I thought I would make some cheese grits with shrimp and ham for dinner since it was quick, easy, and also comfort food for a cold Chicago night. It was all pretty much done when I sliced off the top of my index finger when attempting too many things at one time... one of those being slicing scallions. Yep, the top of the finger was a few inches away from my finger on the cutting board.

Sure there was blood everywhere, but it did not look that bad (it's not like I chopped my finger in half). I bandaged it up and ate dinner (which ended up being way too salty because of the ham). When the blood would not stop I went next door to my neighbor who is a paramedic. She gave me the news that I needed to go to the ER. Grand. Just at the time Miles needs to go to bed, we have to hop in the car and head to the ER.

Everyone in the ER, which was busy, was sick. I was sure I was going to catch H1N1 there and probably should of asked for a face mask for my own protection (Miles & LP got the H1N1 shot). Since I was bleeding, they saw me fairly quick (and my BP was 190/110 so I was a little freaked out) and within an hour I was headed home. No stitches since the opening was too large. They just put some medical foam on which acts like skin. Oh the inventions of science.