Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea is the new coffee.

I drink way too much. I am not talking about alcohol, I am talking about liquids in general. The biggest problem is that I consume beverages in record time... which then often makes me a bit gassy too. So to ignore the bigger issue (downing beverages in two swigs), I have decided to cut back on pop (soda, coke, etc.) and coffee.

So far this year I have only had two cans of Diet Cherry Coke (the pop currently in my house), and I am also doing well by stopping most mornings at one pot of coffee (which I share with LP). This all sounds really wonderful, except for the little fact that I have replaced these with tea. Lots of tea. Straight tea. No sugar, no milk. I try to drink mostly decaf, but in the mornings there is plenty of caffeine in the tea I am brewing.

I know there is this liquid called water that so many people rave about, some actually buy it in the store, but water is no fun. Sure, I understand that if you chug anything there is a strong possibility you never tasted it, but that still does not hide the fact that water is no fun. Sometimes I try to drink a glass of water while making a cup of tea, but that is a rarity. If I find myself getting the shakes later in the day, I do drink a couple glasses of water and eat some toast or something like that. I guess I am not anti-water, I just am not going to jump up and down about how great water is... and for those of you that do, please take a long hard look at yourself and see if you are lying or maybe you are just no fun.

The funny thing about all of this is that I see myself ODing on tea in the near future and will replace all of this with pot after pot of coffee - but hopefully the pop fix is gone for good.