Monday, January 18, 2010

The mall.

MLKJ Day took us (the family of three) out to the 'burbs to the mall. The Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL to be exact. In the 5+ years we have lived in Chicago we have never been to the mall... and actually we've only have been to the 'burbs a handful of times. So why go? Why not. What's more fun than strolling around passing horrible trendy stores, mid-aisle kiosks, tween love, and funky smells from the food court? Answer: probably lots, but let's go anyway.

In the Vans store there are three teenage girls "working" when Tom Petty's "Refugee" comes on the stereo...

Girl #1: Who is this?
Girl #2: Ummmm.
Girl #3: I think it's the new Green Day.
Girl #2: Ummmm.
Girl #1: Really?

Sad to report, there is no official food court at Woodfield. They have random eateries scattered throughout the mall which is convenient for mid-mall snacking.