Monday, January 25, 2010

My hair.

My hair is the longest it's ever been, or at least the longest it has been in a long long long long time. I can form a small ponytail. My locks of hair are curly in the front, wavy and curly throughout the rest, and thick everywhere. When my hair grows out - it really grows out. I start to look like a clown or crackhead. The longer it gets the more crap (product) I have to use to tame the explosion, but this only leads to my super-curly-wavy-thick hair looking like a crap-product-semi-explosion.
.Each time my hair grows out I get to a point where I chop it off. My standard haircut aims to look like Morrissey, but it never really turns out that way. Not sure if it's because I have curly hair and this look is not possible, or that the person who cuts my hair is terrible (or just terrible at explaining that this look will not work). The end result is always too short, and too short on me means only one thing: Fat Face. I'm not fat, but super short hair makes me look like I have a fat face. Well, maybe I have fat face and short hair just does not hide it. Whatever the case, it looks like poop so I wear a ballcap. Right now most of my hats will not fit on my wideload head.

This week I am getting my haircut (first time is 6 months?) with someone new. I cannot decide if I want to go short, or if there is something I can do to keep it long. I don't mind the way Josh Groban keeps his hair (although his music makes me want to shoot myself), but I am not sure that is possible on me. Since my hair is headed in the direction of the late 1980's (think Warrant, Winger, Mr Big) I need some serious help. The fro-frizz-monster needs to end and I am not holding my breath that Josh Groban can save me.

Hope this person cutting my hair knows the headache she is getting into. I will keep you updated.