Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reminding vs Bugging.

Last December when I was in San Francisco, I went out to breakfast with a long time friend of mine. My friend asked me how life in Chicago was in which I replied, "Good, well except for the being unemployed part." My friend was so surprised that I still had not found a job. He asked if he could make some calls to people he knew in Chicago and of course I said yes. Who knows if he did or not... he is a busy, busy person. [I know what you are saying... Follow Up! I will, but I must tell you that this offer has been presented many times and nothing is ever done about it, so I am not sure why I should be so hopeful. Sometimes people just say things to make others feel good.]

This just got me thinking. How many of my friends, the "network" of people I know, have any idea that I am still looking for a job... and that I am really struggling to find a job? Besides keeping in touch with people, and posting things to FB and Twitter, what more can I do? I do not want to bitch and moan (or come across that way) every day about being unemployed and having almost no luck in the job search. So how do I balance the reminding/ informing and not the make it sound nagging/ bugging?

In 2009 I had ONE interview in Chicago. One. It's not the lack of work experience or poor cover letter / resume (I've been told mine are solid by many) - it is the lack of connections. I've been told this over and over. When a project manager position becomes open that I meet the requirements for (and also find), I am just one of hundreds who apply. I have no one to get me in the door. And being a stay at home dad has seemed to limit my social life... so my network of people seem to be further and further away.

Some think I am addicted to FB or Twitter... I might be, but I am not sure how else to let others know I am still here trying to find a job.

By the way, this marks my 500th post.