Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thinking Republican.

I am not a Republican. I always tell people I don't make enough money to be a part of the GOP. I am not some extreme left wing Democrat either. I vote in every election and try to pick the best candidate, not just side with party lines. I tend to leave many spaces blank since I would rather not vote on a specific category I am not read-up on than to vote for the "wrong" candidate. Yep, all of those Judges and Country Sheriff spaces are left blank by me.

This year Illinois is looking at the second worst state financial crisis... California being first. Like many states, this year also holds elections for a Governor, a US Senator, and countless State House seats. Right now (and this could change) all I can think about is not voting for an incumbent. Period. This state is in so much debt, and the Democratic machine cannot seem to stop spending. What happens if there is another big dip in this recession?

Less spending and smaller government seem to look good right now... and at the same time health care seems good right now too (which is more spending). Maybe this is why I do not tend to write about politics.