Monday, July 02, 2007

The Weekend Wrap Up.

So the weekend was not over the top exciting... but maybe that's why it was such a good one. As I get older I think I appreciate simpler things, although I still notice (and I am reminded by others) I have a hard time relaxing and sitting still.

1. Went to View & Brew and saw Hot Fuzz. Drank High Life. Thumbs up.

2. Did some grilling and played Scrabble in the backyard while enjoying a perfect summer evening. A neighborhood cat (Smokie) came and hung out with us. A huge June bug landed on my shoulder and scared the living shit out of me. Guess I still don't like large bugs.

3. Saw the Narrator play at the Beat Kitchen. Good times.

4. Went and finally saw Knocked Up. Fantastic! My brother told me it's even funnier if you have kids. LP and I always talk about going to the movies and never do. This weekend we saw two movies. Nice.

5. Saw Sara Evans at Grant Park. We showed up late so we were really far away, but she sounded good.

I love the winter... but a weekend like this past one could make me a fan of summer each and every day. It reminds me that I did live in California for 20 years.