Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Long Long Day.

Friday I took the day off work to enjoy an entire day at the ballpark. The White Sox were playing a double header against the Twins (we call them the Twinkies). The first game was starting a 1:05pm and the second game was a 7:11pm start. This double header was due to a snowed-out game in April.

I was pretty amped about my day. The first game I went to by myself since last minute LP had to go into work. But going to game by myself is not such a bad thing... since we have season tickets we have go to know the people around us. There is people to talk to and keep me from being the lonely Niner at the ballgame.

This turned out to be the ass kicking of a life time... and it was in both games. The first game was a 14-20 loss and the second game was 0-12. Yes, this was baseball - not the Bears vs. the Vikings. Ugly Ugly baseball... that dragged on and on. Even the Twins' fans there complained about how bad the first game was - no pitching for either team (but at least their team won).

Between games the park was cleared out because not everyone had tickets for both games. This was a pain, but I ended up going to a local Sox bar (First Base) in the Bridgeport neighborhood with the two brothers we sit next to at the park. This sadly was the highlight of the day.

A crummmmmmmmy day of baseball. I could of gone to work.