Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Remaking. Doing Wrong.

Last night I watched the movie Angels In The Outfield... because I am a total sucker for baseball movies. Many of my favorite movies are about baseball. In case you are wondering, my favorite baseball movie is the original Bad News Bears (1976). This was not the terrible 1994 Angels movie with Christopher Llyod and Danny Glover... no no no, this was the original version that was released in 1951. The original is so much better. It's about the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's simple and charming. If you ever see if you will wonder, like I did, why anyone who ever remake the film.

This re-do of classic films is something that gets to me. Is the film industry running out of good, original ideas? There have been so many classic films remade that I'm surprised someone allowed them to be made. Doesn't the film industry have a board that could stop the remaking a films that were just fine, even fantastic, the first time?

I know there are plans to remake Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and also plans to remake The Warriors. Maybe they are even done by now and just waiting release. Why would anyone remake a cult classic movie like The Warriors... or re-do an Alfred Hitchcock film - hello? he is one of the best film makers to ever live. And now they are remaking Hairspray... John Waters better be getting massively rich for this to happen.

From Planet of the Apes to Psycho to Poseidon to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to even my beloved Bad News Bears. When will it end?