Thursday, July 05, 2007


Every Independence Day I watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition... until they start eating. Watching it makes me feel ill, so I leave the room for 12 minutes and then return to see who won. For the past six years it has been Takeru Kobayashi, who came out of no where... and really change the competition forever. Before Kobayashi it was only super obese dudes who won, then a skinny guy from Japan won the title. And won it for six consecutive years.

Until yesterday, when Joey Chestnut won by eating a record 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes (and not barfing). The best part was at the end the crowd cheering "U.S.A." and then Joey being draped with an American flag. The title of biggest hot dog pig was once again held by an American. It was like we had just won World War 3.

I love the U.S.A because we all have this need to win everything. It's funny. We all have a little part of this in us... and that's one reason why so many people around the world dislike us. Even our little American hippies and anarchists that hate America... they all want to win so badly and be number one (smoke the most weed, drop the most acid, burn the most logging trucks, etc). So what better way to spend Independence Day by watching an American win a hot dog eating competition. Nice!

* I ended my day by watching Lil' Bush. Classic!