Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not Gone Fishing.

This photo has big smiles, a little cleavage, and lots of action... and death. This is what major summer blockbusters are made of (minus the fish). It even has a little humor since I am sure the name of the boat is Catch 22. Do you think these people fishing have ever read the book? Maybe.

I have never understood why people enjoy fishing. I have fished in streams, lakes, ponds, and also in an ocean. I have caught plenty of fish. And I just find the whole experience extremely boring. And stinky. I am all for hanging out with friends, drinking beer, being by the water, relaxing... by why ruin it by fishing?

Sure some may say that a baseball game can be boring, and that is just time hanging out with friends... but it's not fishy stinky. At least it shouldn't be. Maybe I am just too much of a city dweller to appreciate fishing. Hmmmm.