Friday, July 20, 2007


In honor of Cherry Ride... I think we should give out an award, maybe multiple awards for the Paul Poons of the world. Cherry Ride introduced us all to the crazy, mysterious, and intriguing world of Paul Poon back in March, and he even worked on the Paul Poon drink. Talk about dedication to the Poon. He could be considered the creator of the Poon. That's Poontastic!

Since March the phrase Paul Poon has interred my vocabulary, and it has yet to leave. Mostly I use it to describe some dork... loser.... wanna-be... etc. Or if I cannot think of someone's name I might call them Paul Poon. So for me, and hopefully for you, the Paul Poon is here to stay. Let's all embrace the Poon. We could make shirts.

Since most of us are so busy at work these days (uh...) I thought we could come up with some Paul Poon award categories. I'd like to call them the Poonies - there's just a nice ring to Poonies, don't you think? Maybe these can be yearly awards that take nominations all year around. And then at the end of the year Recken can list the Top 5 nominees for each category. See... this is coming along. Come on folks... think think think... join the team.

My first nomination, in the category of "Biggest Public Dispay of Dorkness" goes to the this Spider guy (below photo).