Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Movies You Didn't Like.

I appreciate crappy movies... some of my favorite movies would make most film critics barf (House Party 1 & 2 for example). When it comes down to it, give me a romantic comedy and I am set. So I recently rented two movies that I missed in the theater, and that most people told me not to bother with.

First up was The Break-Up which I mostly wanted to see because it was filmed in Chicago and the premier was at a theater on the same block as my work... kind of nifty. LP wanted to see it because Vince Vaughn is in it. Plain and simple: I liked it. Don't think I ever need to see it again, but I found it really entertaining and I became absorbed in the story. The downfall to the movie is that it is so negative... and I'm sure when people saw this in the theater they were not expecting 90 minutes of fighting and bickering (hello? it's called the BREAK-UP), but since I already knew this from all of my friends' piss-poor reviews I was well prepared. It's just a different romantic comedy, almost the anti- romantic comedy. I give it the thumbs up, or if that is copyright infringement, a B+.

The next movie I finally rented was Music and Lyrics. How could I have missed this in the theaters... I wanted to shoot myself. Any romantic comedy fan would have to put this on their must-see list, even if it did received mediocre reviews. Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant... it's like King & Queen (or Princess, to Meg Ryan's Queen) of the romantic comedy. What a match up! And it's about a washed up 80's new wave pop icon. Come on people - it has to be good right? Right! I loved it. From the start of the movie with the most awesomest (yes, that is a real word) fake 80's video it is a guaranteed hit. The little jab at the new pop Shakira / Britney idols of today was a nice touch. And the song at the end brought out the true romantic touch of this movie. If you did not like this film you are a romantic snob... except for LP (she gave it a C+), since LP had to endure me singing "Pop Goes My Heart" for about a week after we watched it. I give this the big two thumbs up, or an A- (it's just not up there with Notting Hill or You've Got Mail so I can't give it the A).

Now aren't you all thankful I am not a movie critic... and super appreciative that I seldom write about movies on my blog. Have a good weekend!