Monday, July 09, 2007


I love to take naps... it's one of the weekend activities I looked forward to. I just seem to need a good nap at least once a week. It recharges me... and I will admit I usually wake up kind of cranky (because I never want nap time to end).

until Yesterday I made the mistake of taking a nap at 6pm... on a Sunday evening. Big mistake. I did not get up until after 10pm. We even had friends over that evening which I did not see because I was so deep in my nap that I could not be waken up. So this made me feel refreshed and not so cranky... I became cranky when I could not fall asleep that night and ended up watching TValmost 4am. Boooooo. I am super tired now.

Naps are good... but should be taken in the afternoon.