Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Harry Journey.

I'm a fan of the Harry Potter stories. They are a fun read, and the movies have all been entertaining. But I am not one of the Harry Potter freaks that dresses up and gets all geek-out about something new Harry.

For the record: I have not bought the new book, but I will. I have not seen the newest movie, but I will.

So my only Harry Potter story I have dates back to 2001. The first movie was coming out and there was a ton of hype about it. I had never heard of Harry Potter, so I decided to go over to Powell's Bookstore a buy the first book. I felt a little dumb hanging out in the kiddies section of the store, but I found the book and left (there were not big Harry Potter displays like there are now). The next morning I got on the bus, found a seat, and started to read. The woman in front of me turned around when she noticed what I was reading... it was the same book she was zipping through. She asked me how many times I had read it, which I informed her that I was a Harry Potter virgin. Let me tell you - this was a totally normal person (from the look of it) not some homeless loner gypsy. This woman put her hand on my hand and said "Enjoy the magical journey." Really? People really say that kind of crap? On a bus?

After that I put the book down for a couple days since I was very certain I did not want to turn into that kind of a person. Eventually I read the book and enjoyed it - but I keep my distance from letting myself turn into a Harry-geek.